11 French Norman Surnames in the LaPolice- DesLauriers Tree

Surnames Origins
Aubert Old French personal name Aubert a variant of Albert
Beaumont Old French beu bel ‘fair lovely’ + mont ‘hill’
Bourgault Breton surname derived from Old French
Drouin Old French personal name Droue, a variant of Dreue
Gosselin Old French personal name Goscelin, Gosselin, Joscelin
Hamel Old French word meaning homestead
Hébert Found in Normandie, the former Duchy of Normandy
Lambert One of the most common French surnames- variant forms include: Lamberty, Lambertot & Lamberton
Langlois French and Channel Islands: ethnic name for an Englishman from Old French Anglois
Levesque Old French évesque 'bishop'
Roy Old French cognate, rey or roy (modern roi)